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Website last updated June 2013 by Catherine Bell

Contact Details

  • Catherine Bell (nee Brocksopp) - near Godalming, Surrey
  • Email: info@equinemindandbody.co.uk
  • Tel. 01483 426142 or 07713 234365

What to expect from a behaviour consultation:

  • For behaviour consultations I advise that you have the horse's teeth, back and saddle checked by a recognised professional and, depending on your reason for contacting me, you may need a veterinary referral in accordance with the 1966 Vet Act.
  • We will spend some time discussing your horse and the relationship you have with him/her, good and bad
  • We will spend some time observing your horse and continuing the discussion about any issues
  • The remainder of the session will depend on these observations and issues......
  • We will develop some goals and devise a training programme for the next few weeks, working on aspects of both the horse and the owner's behaviour

I charge £ 30 per hour for a behaviour consultation and would anticipate an initial visit to last a couple of hours. These costs include follow-up contact by email/telephone if you would like to discuss anything after the session.

What to expect from a behaviour workshop:

  • This will depend on the number of people and their experience. I would suggest that you find a group of 8-12 people of similar experience and interest.
  • We will spend 1 or 2 days developing some of the ideas on this website and putting it all into practice. Clicker training can be included for those who are interested.
  • Prices will be approximately £ 40 per person per day but please contact me for confirmation.

Barefoot Hoof Trimming
I am an independent barefoot hoof trimmer with over 10 years' experience and have time to take on a limited number of clients. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and prices if you are interested.