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Website last updated June 2013 by Catherine Bell

Some Useful Links - Behaviour

Thinking Horsemanship Forum
Discussion forum for any aspect of behaviour, mainly equine but there is often discussion of other animals, including humans. There is an emphasis on training with positive reinforcement, sometimes, although not necessarily using clicker training.

Equine Behaviour and Training Association
UK-based organisation promoting increased equine welfare through improved management and training

Equine Behaviour Forum
Member-organisation providing quarterly magazine and annual symposium.

Andy Beck
Highly informative behaviour and White Horse Equine Ethology site.

Ben Hart's Horsemanship
Ben Hart's site, with articles and details of his workshops/teaching.

Learning About Animals
Suzanne Rogers' series of animal behaviour events (Surrey-based)

Some Useful Links - Barefoot Hoofcare

Pete Ramey
AANHCP member who offers courses in the UK. Highly informative site - read the articles and look at the many pictures of hooves.

KC La Pierre
American farrier who heads the Institute of Equine Podiatry and holds regular courses in the UK, for both individuals wanting to learn more about hooves and those wanting to become a qualified EP.

UK Natural Hoofcare Practitioners, provides training in the UK for those who wish to become professional hoofcare providers.

Equine Podiatry Association - professional body for Equine Podiatrists practicing in the UK.

Marjorie Smith - Barefoot for Soundness
One of the most useful barefoot sites, with lots of articles and photographs.

NB If you have, or know of a website that you think should be added to this list then please let me know. Provided that it is in keeping with my philosophies and includes informative, non-commercial material then I will gladly include it.