What to expect from a hoofcare visit...

Trimming a small pony
On my initial visit I will take various details from you about the horse, his/her environment and lifestyle. I will watch him/her move and take photos of the feet (unless the horse is particularly nervous in which I normally skip this stage).

If your horse has particular behavioural concerns about hoof handling then we will discuss this and the most realistic approach to take - please note this will sometimes involve limited trimming while we focus on the behavioural aspects.

I recommend reading the following article that I wrote to give more ideas about how I approach hoofcare from a behavioural perspective: At the Foot of It All: Hoof Care and Behavior Modification

Price: £45 per horse, £40 per horse for 3 or more in the same location, further reduction for Shetland ponies and miniatures if I am attending a horse in the same location.

These prices are fixed and include initial visit and mileage etc.