Behaviour Worksheets

The world of equine behaviour can be such a minefield - so many people trying to sell you a method, so many horses who don't seem to have "read the books". For this reason I have found it more useful to go back to the fundamentals of behaviour, both animal and human. When we understand the basics of behaviour and how animals learn, we are in a much stronger position to understand what our horses are trying to tell us. It is not about buying into a method; it is about increasing our awareness and knowledge.

I have devised a few worksheets which are aimed to help get you started. The aim of these exercises is to guide you through study of some basic behavioural science. You can then start to see the world more through the eyes of your horse and become more empathic. By thinking about your own behaviour you can learn to appreciate the difficult situations into which we put our horses. You can learn to adapt your behaviour instead of expecting the horse to adapt his, thereby developing a more harmonious - yet more productive - relationship.

Don't expect to be able to just work through these worksheets, one after another. They might take years or you might already be ahead of them. Some people might never reach the level of "feel" needed for Worksheets 3 or 4, although if you want to get there and are prepared to work at it then I have no doubt that you will succeed. Alternatively, you may find you choose a different approach - they are only suggestions....

I am always available to help you with these worksheets, either by telephone or email or in person. There are no stupid questions.